Happy New Year – lets hope its a good one

Sorry for the slack start to 2015, I’ve been hibernating for a while and enjoying not having any turkey’s, lambs or pigs to get up and feed and defrost. It is a bit strange though. I feel at a bit of a loose end without them to tend too and am looking forward to the spring and the arrival of the new babies. The chickens seem to be thriving without the ducks to hassle them and we have loads of eggs but no allotmenteers to eat them at the moment. I don’t blame them though, there isn’t much point to trying to dig when it is minus 4 out there. It is very beautiful in the frost though.

Last year was a bit of a trying one for us but an interesting journey at the same time. I lost faith in people and in myself for a while as I couldn’t believe the way some people were acting toward our project but I also learned what an amazing community we have here at allotmore. Everyone has been brilliant and shown that true friendships have been made and that allotmore does make a difference to peoples lives. I feel quite honoured to have met and made friends with such a diverse and lovely bunch. Some of the gang had a tough year for other reasons but it is great to go into 2015 with everyone in good health and full of hope for the future.

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