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A small man, massive pumpkins and lots of lots of apples

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a post mostly due to the arrival of my very own small man, Dexter. He is very lovely and very time consuming and I now know how Lizzie feels when she has her piglets constantly wanting food from her. We have been  training him young though and he is out and about each day helping feed pigs and round up wayward turkeys ( well he is about and mostly asleep in his sling but the fresh air must do him good).

Despite my lack of time Allotmore has been very busy. We spent a gorgeous day in the sunshine making cider back at in October, we had quite a team of apple choppers, squashers and juicers and we made loads and loads of juice which has sinced turned into loads of cider. My old boss ( and friend) Marcus picked that day to come and visit us and now probably never wants to see an apple again – you have to come and collect you cider payment Marky! Chris and Simon had rival brews on the go so I am awaiting the final verdict as to whose turned out nicest/strongest.

The pumpkin competion has reached it’s climax. This years fruits were a vast improvement on last years rubbish attempts. The conmpetion got quite fierce in the end with Edd, Chris and Dave putting in some strong contenders but they were pipped at the post by Terry who won’t be smug about it at all 😉 Thank you to the lovely Katrina at Kallo who provided us with a box of goodies for the winner – all round to Terry’s for dinner then!

As the winter draws closer we see less and less people coming to harvest their crops and our thoughts turn a little bit more towards preparing the animals for their festive fate. All our turketys now have homes for Christmas day and we are planning when to send off the pigs. I think this year is going to be really hard as the saddlebacks are so pretty and have such gentle faces. You’d think I would be getting tougher by now but I’m so not – at least I can blame the hormones for now.  Anyway if anyone is interested in any free range pork we will have some available early december.


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