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Pizza, Puddles and Percy

Last weekend we had our first hiring of the Pizza oven. Veronica and her gang must have special powers as the weather had been rubbish all day but when they turned up the clouds parted and stayed that way all night. The group headed off across the fields for an appetite building walk while I stoked the fire and prepared the dough. Everything was ready for when they returned and they set to work creating fabulous pizzas.  It went so well that we already have 2 more bookings – we will have to have a bonfire as well next time though as its already getting a bit nippy.

After the pig keeping course we went on a while back Chris has been very keen to try out his AI skills on Lizzie. We wanted her to have her next lot of piglets before it gets too cold but he hasn’t been paying close enough attention to her so we decided that perhaps it would be best if she went off to visit Percy again. It rained so hard on Sunday night and I was really worried that we wouldn’t be get her out the field but when John arrived to tow her the sun was out again and she was easily lured into the trailer with apples and pig nuts.   She did a bit of chewing of the trailer during the journey but was very well behaved. She was unimpressed with Percy as usual and walked straight past him and into his hut when we arrived. She did come out again a little while later and have a good roll in the mud so I think she is doing fine.

We are starting to get lots of tomatoes ripening now which is great and they look fab. I’ve also started my winter planting with some curly kale,  cauliflower and onions. They seem to be enjoying the rain.

One of the goslings had a bit of a wonky wing so Chris decided that it should be taped up to try to fix it. He ordered some vet tape and did a very neat job and the gosling didn’t seem to mind at all.  It had it’s bandage for a couple of weeks and we removed it this weekend. Some might say that putting a bandage under the tape so it didn’t stick to the feathers would be a good idea. The goose certainly would! We had to trim a few to get it off but it does seem to have worked. It is a bit stiff but doesn’t seem to be wonky any more.

This weekend is the summer BBQ so come along on Monday any time from 12!


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The pizza party went really well, the sun shone and loads of people came along. Chris got his chef’s outfit on and gave the crowd a pizza making demo (with generation game style throwing in the air and everything). The party lasted well into the small hours of the morning and the pizza toppings got more interesting as the day went on, I still don’t understand why I was mocked for my chocolate button and marshmallow pizza though, it was tasty!

The pizza oven is now available for use so if anyone wants to host their own pizza party do let us know.

Since then we have been hard at work improving the runs for the chickens – they now have a proper fence and gate rather than the electric netting they have had all this time – I hope it proves as fox proof though. Two of the hens have discovered that they quite like hanging out with people and can fit through the hole in the gate. Anytime you sit down for a cup of tea and they spy you out they pop. If you have a biscuit and you are distracted they’ll nick it out of your hand before you can react. Its quite funny but they took my breakfast bagel the other day after employing a wasp to distract me – too much of that behaviour and we will fall out!

The turkeys have a new fence too and are now out and about in the field. They seem to be enjoying themselves and are living up to their naughty reputation already. Chris found one of them on the roof of the shed the other day! I’m a little worried that the Buzzard we see flying around will swoop down and eat them but it is better they are out side and we can’t cover the whole field so we will have to take our chances unless anyone had a good Buzzard deterent?

Everyone’s crops seem to be doing really well. James, Sophie and Emily went on holiday for two weeks and returned to the biggest courgettes known to man. They had harvested loads before they went and are running out of courgette recipies now – any suggestions welcome! We have beans a plenty, the blueberries are ripe, tomatoes are ripening and people have been digging up decent looking spuds. Its really interesting to see what grows well in our soil and what doesn’t do so good. We’ll be able to plan more cunningly next year.

The pumpkin comp is hotting up – some people have some big pumpkins already, I have finally got one fruit so I need to start pumping it up or something. Chrises pumpkin is currently the biggest, which is annoying, it seems his polytunnel approach was a good one. Still October is a while off yet 🙂 We do have a bit of a mildew problem with the pumpkins and courgettes – any ideas how to deal with that?

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