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Green heroes

I’m feeling very honoured this week as we got a mention on George Monbiots, Guardian blog. We are in very good company in that list and it’s been great to see what other people are doing and very encouraging that people think that Allotmore is a good thing and we should keep doing what we are doing.

When we haven’t been being media darlings things have been quite busy down at Wood Farm. Our new Elvis chicks are settling in, they have crazy feather quiffs,I’ll try and post a picture of them so someone can hopefully tell me what breed they are.

Pete has been building a pig feed storage contraption which is looking very impressive and means we can get a load of food in one go rather than bits and pieces at a time.

We have extended Turkey Towers as they are getting massive now and built them some little climbing frames for them to jump about on. It seems to be making them happy and they are trying to escape and eat peoples crops less. This weekend we will be turkey tagging (their legs have finally got big enough) and people will know exactly who they are having for Christmas dinner.

A new batch of ex bat ladies are arriving this weekend which I am very much looking forward to. We are getting quite a fabulous flock now.

Quark and Hadron (the ducks) are looking more and more like little boy ducks each day so my plan for duck eggs is currently thwarted.  Time to look for some ladies me thinks.

Plot holders are getting busy with their winter crops now and we are still harvesting courgettes, tomatoes, runner beans and lots more!


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Moving and Marcus

Exciting news for me and Chris – Chris and Helga have offered to let us move in with them at Wood Farm Cottage – this means  that we will be able to cut out loads of traveling ( and I can see the animals everyday before work). It is going to make such a difference and Stan and Maisie (our cats) will love it at Wood Farm. Our new office is getting closer to be being finished as well so soon we will have a place for Chris to work and somewhere to prepare sausages and bacon. 2011 is really going to be the year of Allotmore.

My friend Marcus came to visit us this week. He lives in Australia these days so it was really nice to catch up, altough I am sure I told him all about what I have been doing and didn’ t listen enough! Marcus was one of the first people that I told about Allotmore a few years ago – when we were both working at the BBC.  He admitted yesterday that he wasn’t sure if I was ever really going to make it happen so it was great to be able to show him around and tell him about all the plans we have for the future.  I hope he liked what he saw and that the Melbourne Sausage Empire becomes a reality too.

Emily the goat is producing loads of milk now and Helga has been learning the art of cheese making and it is very tasty too! Chris and Helga have gone on holiday now so I am in charge of the goats for a bit and the cheese making. I need to hone my skills for a cheese off when they return 🙂

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