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Pig Palace

As the time draws closer for Lizzie to have her next lot of piglets we decided we needed to get her house sorted out to provide a nice warm place for her and the little ones when they arrive. Pig Arcs weigh a ton and Chris, Pete, Dan and I spent saturday dismantaling and moving the moving the pig house to a dryer more comfy location. We have also been digging trenches to relocated the water supply and power to the heat lamp. Those are some pampered pigs!


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Happy New Year

Sorry it’s a bit late!

2010 was an amazing year for Chris and I, looking back over it, it’s amazing to think of all the stuff that we have done and it’s quite exciting to think what we might have achieved by this time next year.

Christmas has past in a bit of a blur, it’s been very strange for us being responsible in some ways for peoples Christmases. We were really nervous that all the Turkeys would go ok and no ones Christmas day would be ruined by a bad tasting or disapointing bird. So far all reports are that they were all tasty though and people want another next year.

The day that we dispatched the turkeys was quite an event. It would be wrong to say that it was fun but it was strangely enjoyable and definatley made the festive roast seem much more important. Jason and Richard (and Richards’ son Charlie) from Surrey Turkeys came to show us what to do and generally supervise activities. Quite a crowd of the turkey owners also turned up and got involved. I was a little bit worried that Jason and Richard would be hardened farmer types and might be a little bit dismissive of our small scale operation but it turns out that they were both really lovely and very supportive of what we have been doing.  They were very professional and helpful and explained everything patiently and made sure the Turkeys had the best end they could. They also didn’t complain about the fact it was freezing and they were outside for ages! Chris was determined that he would kill his own Christmas dinner which he did. Everyone got involved in the plucking and gutting and there was a great sense of achievement at the end of the day. We owe Jason and Richard some fine pizzas in the sunshine now!

The snow has melted now and thoughts are starting to turn to preparing the ground for this years crops. The John’s, Roger and Chris have got the tractor working so hopefully we can move some stuff about. If only it would stop raining for a minute we can get started!

Hopefully 2011 will see some good growing!

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