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Brushcutting and Bramble Clearing

Pesky work and rainy weather had stopped us from starting the land clearing until this week.  It was still raining but we had purchased a shiny new brushcutter so it was really time to get stuck in.

When we arrived we found that a kind soul had removed all the markers that we had staked out which was a little bit dissapointing.  A cup of tea and a slice of rubarb cake with Chris, Helga and family restored our faith in humanity and we headed out into the jungle.

The brushcutter which had seemed like a huge, hardcore piece of machinery when it was in our lounge suddenly seemed tiny when faced with 2 acres of brambles and nettles. There was only one thing for it – start cutting, they are only going to grow more!

Chris and Dan got to work hanging the gate. (A mighty fine gate it is as well) and I got my glasses and head phones on and started strimming. Its amazing how if you can’t hear the rain you don’t realise that you are getting wet.

The brushcutter proved that it was indeed up to the job and I spent a happy couple of hours chopping through stuff. I was mighty pleased with my work till I looked up and realised just how much more there is to go. .. ah well, it’s a challenge!

We’ll be back next weekend to carry on clearing. If anyone has a spare couple of hours. Do feel free to come on by and lend a hand 🙂


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