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Here we go!

It’s all go at Allotmore at the moment. It has been gorgeous weather and has really felt that things are getting started again. We have had a flurry of new members join and will be spending this weekend creating some new plots to keep up with the demand. It’s really exciting and I’m hoping a few more people will want to join us.

We have some new signs up to help people find us – they look much more professional than the old ones and will hopefully be nice and helpful.

This weekend we hosted our first childrens party ( who knew we would be hosting any) but Ella and a group of her friends took part in a treasure hunt,, obstacle course, met the pigs, chickens and goats and then made their own pizzas. I hope they all had a good time, it seemed like they did and they made some amazing shaped pizza’s. I’m still giggling about the very important question they asked – how big is a pigs poo 😉

We also had a stall at Secretts Farmers market which turned out to be really good fun. We had worried that as we weren’t selling produce people would ignore us – luckily our display of goose eggs caught peoples attention and lots of people stop by for a chat and seemed to like the idea of Allotmore.

Chris, my Dad and I have cleared a space for our new green house and Dad has got the foundations and frame up, hopefully he’ll have the rest done next week and it will be ready to nurture seedlings. Putting it up has been far more pleasant in the sunshine than taking in down from it’s previous location in the rain and ice. There is a lesson there!

This week I’m hoping the sun will continue to shine as I have hired the big rotavator again and am planning to get busy. It’s also time to start some pig planning and thinking about this years Turkey project… all very exciting


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Massive attack

Spring is certainly in the air down at Allotmore. It’s best to overt your eyes from the ducks and chickens as they are certainly all feeling very frisky! One of the geese has started to lay which is very exciting and makes for giant boiled eggs and hopefully the other one won’t be far behind. Slightly worryingly Massive the cockerel, who until now has been very gentle and calm, took it upon himself to hurl himself at Emily on Sunday. Emily is only 4 and not much bigger than him and he scared the life out of her. He hasn’t attacked anyone else and she wasn’t doing anything to wind him up so i’m hoping it was a moment of madness and not the start of something more violent. It would be a really shame to not be able to let the chickens all free range about if he can’t be trusted. Emily was very brave and after a slice of soothing chocolate cake she went right back to playing out side. Bumble the other cockerel has decided to greet spring by crowning long and loud all the time.  Hmmm

Now the sun has come out and the mud is starting to dry out we have been hard at work getting everything ready to start growing, plots have been rotavated. The rabbit fencing has been upgraded – we didn’t make it quite high enough last year and the cheeky critters were jumping over it and through the stock fence. At least we know our crops are so tasty they are worth the effort! Hopefully now they won’t be able to get under or over. We have re- wood chipped the communal area and now they have dried out it is looking lovely – the chickens have been having a great time picking through it all for good stuff. We’ve made some new signs (which we still need to put up) and have got the potatoes chitting away ready to go in.

The last week has been great, people have started to come back after the (extra cold and long) winter and it has been so nice to have everyone around, drinking tea and chatting about all the great stuff that we are going to grow this year. There really is a sense of optimism in the air – sunshine is good for you!

Ali and Ed (from Farmers Life for Me) got in touch with us and popped down for a visit on Sunday. It was really nice to meet them and hear what they have planned.  It was great to be able to show them what we have achieved so far and talk about our plans for the future. Keep in touch guys! They wouldn’t tell us who wins the TV programme though!

Chris and I are going away for a few days (for the first time in ages it feels like) leaving Pete, Carrie, Chris and Helga in charge. We’ll be back next week refreshed and ready to get planting.

2011 is feeling very promising at the moment 🙂



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