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Baby it’s cold outside

In fact it’s freezing. The pigs have sensibly been refusing to come out of their arc for most of the day and I had to shake the food bucket for quite a while before they struggled out this morning. The turkeys have their own duvets and seem to be nice and warm in their shed ( their water doesn’t freeze) but they look a bit pitiful outside huddled together between fights. The boys seem to have gone a bit teenage and keep scrapping and all the others gather round to watch and cheer them on. The chickens and ducks have all stopped laying now so it feels a bit like we have opened a retiurement home for feathered beasts as none of them are paying their way. Hopefully when spring comes they will kick back into action though.

I’ve started seeing a little fox in the mornings now so i’m guessing the cold is making him quite hungry. I hope my defences are strong enough to keep him out. I always wish I could strike a deal with the foxes. I’d be happy to give them food if they left my birds alone but it doesn’t work like that sadly. We seem to have resident crows, magpies and pigeons hanging out with our birds now taking advantage of the food. They are really bold now but will need to move on by the time any planting happens.

Carrie, Trudi, Sophie and I spent a morning this week using cuttings from the field to make christmas wreaths. We found some lovely holly, mistletoe, ivy, fir etc and the girls brought some rosemary and other things from their gardens. Sophie gave us all a bit of lesson in wreath making and we spent a very pleasant morning in the sunshine being artistic and we were all very pleased with the results. The clubhouse is now sporting a very fine wreath on the door. I really must get on with the rest of the decorations…


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