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(Turkey) Time to say goodbye

We have booked a man from Surrey Turkeys to come and help us with the dispatching of the Turkeys on 19th December but Mark and Birgitta are going away for Christmas so wanted to have their Turkey before they go.   Mark was keen (if that is the right word) to do it himself so he and Chris has been doing a lot of reading up and preparing. Their main concern was to do it quickly and painlessly.  They made sure that they had everything in place and then Mark did the deed. It was very quick and i’m pretty sure Mark found it more stressful than the bird. He was shaking afterwards for quite a while. Once the dreaded dead was done we hung the bird for a while then dipped it in hot water and then plucked it.  I was amazed at how easily the feathers came out. After that we gutted it and Mark took it home for his dinner. I was very worried about the act of killing and in fact I missed it this time as I went inside to get the water and they had done it by the time I came back but I was amazed that once you get half the feathers out and it starts to look like meat how you start thinking of this thing as food rather than something that you have been looking after.

Helen and Alex and family came up to Allotmore to visit just as we were about to do the deed. I was a little bit worried that the kids would freak out but they insisted that they wanted to watch and they were really good. They asked lots of questions and didn’t freak out. They were keen to have a go at plucking and want to come back next week to help with the rest.  I think it’s great that they can totally link that bird in the field that they have been feeding at the weekends with the bird on their table at Christmas. I’m wondering if as adults we have become distant from the realities of our food so we get all stressed out about the killing of animals to eat but Children are much more curious and are far more happy to accept the fact that if you want to eat meat then something has to die.

We will be saying goodbye to all the rest of the turkeys on Sunday and quite a few people are going to come and prepare their own birds. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, as painlessly as possible and its not the forecast -12!

Chris has put up some pictures of the turkeys in the snow on flickr –



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