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All settled in.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of Dan, Justin, Tony, Pete, Rik, Lou, Chris and Carrie the chickens are all cosy in their new home and the pigs now have 3 times the space to roam about and graze on.

The day of Operation Hen/ Pig Pen was hetic but great fun and unexpectedly sunny. I had to pick the hens up at midday from a secret location so we had to sort them out a house and run before that. I also had only managed to recruit the pig fence putting up team for a day so we had to be doing that at the same time.

Dan and I managed to get the chickens house up and ready for their arrival but the run took a little while longer. It wasn’t a problem though as they needed to stay in their house to relax before taking their first foray into the outside world. It was all a bit much for them bless em. They just looked a bit shell shocked for a couple of days. They are so quiet compared to other chicks I have had but it has been great watching them discover their inner chickens and start scratching about. They have started sorting out their pecking order now so they must be doing ok. I’ve started trying them on some new foods and so far corn and courgettes have proved to be crowd pleasers.

We are getting on average 5 eggs a day which is plenty to be going on with. Now I;m looking forward to the girls getting their feathers back, at the moment some of them look a lot like bald old ladies which isn’t that attractive but not as bad as I had expected.

The pig pen was a little more tricky – the random hot weather made it hard for the work force to work – well that was their excuse! They did get quite a sweat on banging in the posts though. Chris tried to knock himself out with the post rammer and had to have a bit of a lie down and both Tony and I got some nice cuts when a strained piece of barbed wire pinged out of its staples. That stuff is evil.

It’s all done now though so now my thoughts are turning to the shed. Allegedly it will be arriving this week. It’s been promised since May though so I’ll believe it when I see it!


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Operation Hen

A while ago I made an enquiry to the Battery Hen Rescue Centre about getting some birds for allotmore. They didn’t have any and didn’t know when they next would. They just called and there are 10 girls needing a home waiting for me on saturday. Oh eck! better make them a house and run. The pig pen is moving then as well so it’s going to be a busy day 🙂

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Sad News

I haven’t written for a while but there has been a lot going on down on the farm. Two of the little saddlebacks got ill, they started being sick and had the runs and started to lose weight rapidly. We segregated them from the others and called the vet to try to make them better. He was pretty confident that with some vitamin water and antibiotics they would be up and sorted in no time. This wasn’t the case. Pete went up to feed them one morning and found one of them had died.,We called the vet out again and he gave the other one a different type of medicine but a week later after seeming like he was getting much better the little one died as well. It;s been quite stressful and I think we have all been beating ourselves up about it and wondering what we could have done differently. It has really knocked our confidence and left us a bit on edge.

The good news is that the others have been hard at work clearing the land and we are ready to move the pen next week. They have grown loads and seem to be doing really well. Once they have moved into their new pen we will be able to plant our first crop which will be a major step forward.

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