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Farewell 2011, 2012 what do you bring?

As the New Year gets off to a blustery start it’s time for me to have a little think back on the year that was 2011.  It’s had it’s ups and downs and certainly if you had asked me this time last year what was going to happen I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. Still it has been exciting and I start 2012 without the security of my long term job and with a small person project just getting underway. 2012 is going to be eventful that is for sure.

2011 has been a good one for allotmore, we have lots of new members and have met lots of interesting people, we have been able to take our meat production one step further ( all be it much slower) and allotmore itself is slowly developing into a lovely reality. It was never going to happen over night but it is gradually getting more and “finished” largely down to Chris and our various helpers(who we couldn’t do without) there is still lots to do – we probably don’t even know what most of it is yet but it is really exciting to think that we are starting another year and to wonder what will happen this time.

Without my daily commute and being cooped up in an office all day I am becoming much more in touch with the weather and the seasons. It’s great to be able to find the good in all the elements and be able to watch the changing of the seasons with excitement about what each one will bring. I think makes you feel much more content, not to say that I don’t miss my daily coffee and communication though!

Saying goodbye to a year makes you think back on those who won’t be entering 2012 with you. It’s making me think about the pigs, chickens and turkeys that we have eaten in the last year. Knowing they were happy goes a long way but I think I am finding it harder and harder to justify to myself.  I’ve still yet to actually kill anything for myself but even knowing that I am the instigator troubles me increasingly, I do enjoy eating meat though and find the biology of the butchery etc really interesting.  Hmm, it is one to ponder. What upsets me more is when we have lost animals needlessly, a duck taken by a fox, a chicken that drowned, turkey chicks and poor old, majestic Bumble the Cockerel, who got attacked and never recovered. I really feel I have let them down. I know there is a lot of birth and death in farming but it doesn’t get any easier. I probably need to toughen up but then maybe I would have to worry about myself if I suddenly found it easy…

Anyway, maudlin subject over. 2012 is here, bursting with promise so lets see what it brings. Happy New Year everyone!


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