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Big Garden Watch

This weekend is the RSPB’s big garden watch where they are asking people to spend an hour in their local park or garden over the weekend recording the typres of birds that they can see. We’ve decided that it would be fun to have a go at seeing what birds visit us at allotmore from 11 – 12 on saturday. If anyone wants to come along and help out then please come along. The drive is pretty clear of snow at the moment so don’t let put you off. We will get the clubhouse all cosy and there are loads of birds around at the moment as they are desperate for food in the cold and are taking their chances with the ducks and geese to get some easy snacks. I have to admit that we donn’t know an awful lot about birds but we do have some books and the internet to help identify them.

There is more info about the Gardenwatch  here



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Happy 2013

Let’s hope it’s not such a damp one. I have to admit that the rain has been getting me down a bit as it did seem to rain for every event we organised last year I think we deserve a break. For the first time in ages I saw the piglets ( well they are big girls now) chasing a magpie around their pen this morning. I think they have been feeling the rain as well as they have been barely getting up. It cheered me right up to see them having their game of chase.

The chickens seemed to have perked up as well, they have all finished their moult now and are looking beautiful again. Hopefully we will satrt to get eggs again soon. Two of the chicks we hatched last year have turned out to be boys. One of them has started to crow this week – it’s more of a strangled croak at the moment but it’s only a matter of time. He has started to peck my boots when I put them to bed as well so it might be time to be looking for a new home for a very handsome Lavender Leghorn Cockerel. The other one is a Rhode Island Red but he is very well behaved so far…

This year I am determined to spend more time working on our patch and actually grow some stuff. My small assistant is happy to dig about in the mud now so hopefully we will be able to get stuff done.

I’ve been chatting with some of the plot holders and we are going to be having a more social year this year, there will be the first allotmore barn dance (location tbc), more bring a dish meals and hopefully we will start to use the clubhouse a bit more for local groups- so far we have a wine tasting club and group of natty knitters interested. I could really do with some tips on how to knit! We’ve got a couple of pizza parties scheduled and everything is starting to feel like it’s waking up again. I’m pretty sure we will get a cold snap before spring is sprung but it certainly feels like things are moving foward. Happy 2013 everyone, lets hope it’s a good one!

P.S One of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more regularly and to include pictures at last!





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