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Magpie mayhem

I’m looking for some advice on what to do about over confident magpies. It seems that Wood Farm provides the the ideal breeding ground for them and this summer we are inundated with the black and white mischief makers. I could just about handle them pinching the chickens food and making a racket all the time- The poor cats are always being shouted at by a gaggle of birds – but now they have gone too far.

For a while I’ve been finding egg shells in some of the plots and finding holes in the eggs in the basket in the clubhouse.The magpies have been popping in to the clubhouse to help themselves to the eggs. I noticed and covered up the eggs with a cloth, they pecked that up and chucked it on the floor and carried on egg eating. I’ve been sitting in the clubhouse with the door shut and heard a tapping at the door. I looked up and there was a magpie trying to come in! They don’t even do a fly by they are so cheeky they hop up the steps and take their time. One had even helped itself to the walnuts off the top of a cake my Mum makde – it was wrapped up and everything!

I sort of admire their cheek but this needs to stop now and I could do with less of them being around – I counted 11 sitting over by the pond one day – any ideas??


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