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Bird watching and snacks for pigs

Garden watch day was a beautiful sunny day and lots of intrepid twitchers came up to allotmore to spend our hour looking at the birds. Of course it had been like a disney film earlier in the day with birds everywhere, singing and pecking around, there had even been a magpie riding on Lizzie the pigs back, but at 11 when we all decided to watch there where hardly any birds to be seen. I’m guessing that the crowds of people standing around chatting and enjoying the sunshine may have been to blame but it was lovely to see everyone and have a good catch up. The birds that did show their beaks were very lucky to get a few crumbs from Trudi’s delicious rock cakes and I have to give a prize to Aidan who managed to see all the birds on the sheet 3 times and very quickly – I didn’t submit those results to the RSPB.
We might not have seen many birds on that day but I did see a barn owl in the middle of the afternoon last week. It just few over the goat shed and out over the field. Really very beautiful, I’ve never seen an owl in the day before. Chris was gutted he missed it!
The pigs have had a bit of new year good luck as well. I was in Secretts Farm Shop the other day and asked the manager Matt what they did with all the leaves they trim of the veg etc. He said that they were mine if I wanted them so now the pigs are getting a thrice weekly delivery of fresh fruit and veg ( the chickens do get to steal a bit). They have had such a horrible winter in the cold and mud so far it seems very lovely that they can have a bit of variety in their lives now.


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