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Christmas is coming

Well not really, but our turkey chicks have arrived – a little bit earlier than expected so Dad and Chris had to rush to put the finishing touches to the little brooding shed. We now have 50 of the little blighters – just Kelly Bronzes this year as no one seemed to want the Norfolks last year and the fun begins over again. They are so sweet now but it won’t be long till they are causing us trouble all over again. It was really nice to catch up with Jason from Surrey Turkeys again when we picked up the chicks. I’m amazed by how the big hatcheries work. Jason ordered our chicks/poults  from Kelly, they hatched on monday afternoon and by monday evening 250 of them were at Jasons farm, we then picked up our 50 from im. Apparently the Kelly hatcheries produced 100,000 chicks a week during their peek – that is just a crazy amount and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Our 50 seem happy and healthy so far though and will get to be free range and have a nice life as will Jasons.  We are reserving christmas bird already so let us know if you want any and we might be selling a few poults as well if anyone wanted a go at raising their own?

Our new piglets have settled in and are doing well, they are still really cute and seem to be getting lots of visitors. Lizzie is also back from her sojourn with Spot so now we wait to see if she is pregnant and if not then there might have be some hard decisions 😦

Sad times the other day when one of the laying ducks was taken by a fox in the middle of the day from the edge of the pond. The foxes seem to have had a good breeding season this year and there are teenage cubs everywhere. Its a bit of a worry. Chris is doing lots of weeing outside to try to put them off coming too close ( well that is his excuse anyway). 

The pumpkin competition is coming on  and some of the plants are looking really good – I can’t wait to see if we really do get 100 weight or sumo sized pumpkins.

We are going to be having a number of evening events up at allotmore during august, a wine tasting, star gazing and Morro East evening  – it should be fun so keep an eye on the website 🙂





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