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It’s not easy being freezy

It’s pretty cold up at Wood Farm at the moment. I think the poor pigs are regreting digging all the massive holes as now they are frozen solid it makes walking around a lot harder.  It was a sad day last week when 5 of the pigs headed off but I hope they had a happy life and that will be reflected in the taste of the meat. We will be picking Lizzie up next week though so that is something to look forward to.

I’m spending a lot of time filling up buckets with water and filling up troughs and baths and feeders at the moment.  The ducks and geese seem to wait till something is filled up then they dive straight in and splash water everywhere. Its really funny to watch.  The turkeys don’t seem to know what to make of the snow this morning.  It took them a while to emerge from their house, normally they burst out and rush about. They were really tentative and hestitant today. They are growing nicely big and fat now and their day is fast approaching. We have booked a professional to come along and show people how to kill and prepare their bird.  Everyone is feeling quite aprehesive about it but it is great that everyone is taking responsibility for their food and hopefully it will make Christmas dinner that little bit more special.

All is quiet on the growing front, all the winter veg are looking a bit sorry for themselves this week but hopefully they will perk up once they thaw out a bit. My sprouts had better be ok! The brightside is that at least the weeds aren’t growing either! With the dusting of snow on the ground this morning Allotmore is looking very pretty and is very tranquil.  Our new chimney has arrived for the wood burning stove so by the weekend the club house is going to be a toasty place to hang out too!




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Pumpkin power

It’s been a crazy time for Chris and I,  we have moved house, nearly finished the office, I’ve been working hard at Electric Proms and we have hosted the 1st Allotmore pumkin weigh- in and carving comp.

Despite the competitive nature of some of the plot holders (that’s you Terry!) none of our pumpkins are going to be entering the Guiness Book of Records this year. James’ 4olb + was by far the biggest but sadly wasn’t grown in the official pumpkin patch (and was a different type of pumpkin) so wan’t an official contender.

We weighed in our lovingly nurtured specimins and Spider Zoe’s (it was halloween so she was dressed as a spider for the occasion) 10lber was crowned pumpkin of the year. All the rest were pretty much the same size. I don’t know what happened but that patch of land seemed to produce a pretty standard weight fruit – the perfect shape for carving lanterns. We all carved our pumpkins and produced a pretty impressive (and spooky) range of lanterns. I’ll put the pictures up on flickr but be careful some of them are quite scary.

Despite it having rained all day the bonfire lit nicely and we had lots of mulled wine and cider, pumpkin soup, jacket potatoes surrounded by our spooky pumpkins. What a fine way to spend halloween.

The next batch of pigs are off soon. I’m really sad about these ones as they are the first piglets to be born at Wood Farm. If you are interested in any meat do let me know though, it is bound to be delicious and very happy meat!

I’ll write a proper update soon but for now time for some sleep.

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