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Stone the crows

Well, I’d like to but it’s probably frowned apon! The battle against the birds continues with the crows very cheekily eating everyones corn on the cob just as it got ripe. I hadn’t really considered that crows loved sweetcorn so much but they really do. I’d noticed a little bit of damage to some of the plants and Dad thought the renegade chickens had been having a peck and put up some protective mesh. It turns out the chicks were innocent and I went out to watch the crows sitting on the mesh feasting on the cobs. They squished down the plants and pecked pretty much every cob. They had a complete rampage and seemed to have eaten everyones corn in one night.

Today was the first proper outing for the turkey chicks as they are getting a bit bigger now and not so at risk from the buzzards I thought. They had been out for a few hours when I went to check on them and found the crows and a gang of magpies sitting on the shed roof watching. Jason at Surrey Turkeys had said that magpies had taken some of his chicks by pulling them through the mesh. I thought our little guys were big enough to not be at risk but now i’m not so sure. Hmm isn’t nature wonderful!


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