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Lizzie in love (with food)

This weekend we took Lizzie over to Manor Farm to meet her suitor Percy. We were a bit worried that she would be tricky to get into the trailer but we put some food in it ans she trotted on in happily, she then carried on eating while we did her slapmark (it’s an evil looking thing but she didn’t even look up). She ate her way to Wotton and got out of the trailer no problems. Percy initally was also more interested in his food than his new girlfriend but he soon got very interested. Very amusingly Lizzie managed to keep on eating while he showered her with his affections.  Lizzie will be at the farm for a month and then hopefully in 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days we will get some piglets. Paula has got some great looking weaners for sale at the moment and we are very tempted. Hmm

Dan and I have been putting the ceiling in the shed and managed to only drop one piece of plasterboard on our heads.  The shed came with lots of insulation probably 1950;s stuff – it’s really horrible. I’m still itching now after a shower!

I’ve also been preparing the windows for their double glazing which we picked up on friday so hopefully that will go in tomorrow.

Chris F has been very busy this week too and we now have a power cable in a trench to the shed and drainage and a septic tank dug.

It’s all coming together!



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So much to do…

The roof is on! With a little help from a winch, some muscle power, some chocolate (thanks Caroline!) and quite a lot of quite rude words we got it into place finally last saturday. Now the shed is looking pretty good and I can start to visualise what it’s going to be like when its all done. I can start planning the fun stuff like what colour to paint the walls just a small matter of wiring, plumbing, fitting the wood burning stove and sorting out all the plasterboard first and how hard can that be…

It really feels like everything is coming together now but there is still so much to do. I’m really excited about it all but am really wishing I didn’t have to do the day job so I could concentrate on Allotmore. Ah well it pays the bills I guess.

It looks like Lizzie might have found a suitor so fingers crossed we will have some new piglets in the spring. It will be great to be able to watch them right from birth this time. The likely boar has fathered some excellent looking piglets so we could be in for some beauties.

I think we have decided to keep the saddlebacks for a little bit longer now. They still seem small compared to the spotty boys so it seems a good idea to give them a little longer. We run the risk of boar taint in their meat though. I’ve been reading up about it and it seems that the risk is small. It is all part of the learning process though.

While this is all going on a fab designer called Tim has been working on a logo/ branding for Allotmore. I’m really impressed with what he has come up with so hopefully the offical website should be up soon. Also it looks like Allotmore customers will be able to get a discount at the local garden centre which is great news.







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Getting it up

Last week  Chris F, Dan, Jax and Ozzie Chris did lots of lovely measuring, digging, more measuring, building brick piers, just one more measure and we built the foundations for the ubershed.  This weekend on saturday Chris, Dan and I put together the wooden base and floor ready for the gang of strong folks that I had recruited to come and put the thing up yesterday.  We spent a lovely night at Dave and Jo’s house eating an autumnal feast and being very grown up (right up until the singstar came out) and we were ready to get to work on the shed. Nature was conspiring against us though. When we woke up yesterday morning it was really windy and pouring with rain, completely the wrong weather for putting up heavy sheds. we remained optimistic, had breakfast thinking it would clear up soon. Had a cup of tea, it had to clear up in a bit.  It looked like it was going to rain for ever so we thought we would go feed the pigs and check the tarp was holding strong on the floor etc  and we had started thinking about other things to do on rainy sunday afternoons but finally there was a break in the clouds and by about 1 in the afternoon we were able to get started!

I have to admit slacking off a bit (or doing the child care while the boys did the heavy lifting) I do think I got the easier job though and I did help a bit but by the time it got dark we had all the walls in place and the shed was looking pretty good – we just weren’t sure how to get the roof on. Those roof pieces seem to be even heavier than the others.  It was cold and dark so we covered it all up and went home to formulate a plan ready for next weekend.

Nature is still against us and it looks like its going to be raining heavily in the night tonight – it would seem such a shame to have got this far and then for it all to get ruined so Chris, John and Edd are out there now in the dark and I am off after work to help them. Fingers crossed we should get the roof on tonight.

It’s going to be brilliant when it’s done and my thoughts are turning to a shed opening party 🙂 I’m thinking mulled wine and sausages as time is nearly up for the pigs.  Just a month to go till we face that little challenge…




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