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Getting real

This weekend Chris and I made our first foray into promoting Allotmore and  gave out some leaflets at the local farmers market. Everyone seemed quiet positive about the idea and we have recieved some encouraging emails so fingers crossed people like the idea.

We are currently in a frenzy of activity getting ready for a launch/open day that we have decided to have on 5th April (Easter Monday) so if you are in the area do come up and say hello, we’ll have a tasty BBQ and lots of celebratory wine. We now have a working toilet, heated water, a shiny new door, the pig food has a new shed of it’s own (which is currently under attack from squirrels who seem cross we fixed the window).  The digger driver has been and levelled out the parking area and filled in the trench for the rabbit fence. We are getting very close to being ready,  which is very exciting and very scary at the same time. Fingers crossed some people come and see us and want to join up.

We had a nice mention on the Godalming Town council website

We are heading into the final push now and still have loads to do over the next week or so but it is looking pretty good and I think we can do it.

In other news Lizzie is yet to have her piglets so either we got the dates wron, she is over due or she isn’t pregnant at all. I’m sure I have felt the piglets kick though so I think she is. She is huge and grumpy (and has quite loud wind from time to time) so hopefully it won’t be long now. We have been checking on her regularly and i’m sure she is fed up of being prodded about and wants to be left alone to get on with it.  Maybe we will have piglets for the open day?


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Mr Rotavator

Well Mrs actually, I hired a monster rotavator and spent the weekend preparing the field for growing. Luckily the swamp we have had for the last couple of weeks has dried out a bit and the sun was shining all weekend. The field looks pretty good although the farthest brambly bit beat the rotavator which started to pop and smoke and then decided to go on strike so that bit still remains a bit wild. I think the rotavator has beaten me though. I’ve got blisters on my hands,bruises on my legs and my back is killing me, Still I won’t need to go to the gym for a couple of days! The land is ready to be marked out into plots now ready for the grand opening on 5th April.

Lizzies  piglets are due on 16th March so this weekend we also moved her into her maternity quarters, the corral we made to take the pigs to the abbatoir has been ammended and now she has a lovely wood chipped, heat lamp luxury suite. We even got her a new trough for the occasion which she pushed onto the electric fence and then gave herself a nasty shock when she ate her tea. Today though she has mostly beeen sun bathing and looking fed up, she is pretty big now so I guess it’s to be expected. The other piglets have been taking advantage of her being away to run about like fools, fighting each other and generally having fun (well it looked like fun to me!)

Chris has been hard at work doing his favourite job – the plumbing. After many hours of staring at small plumbing bits in a range of plumbing shops we now have running water in the shed, we have a toilet, two sinks and even a little water heater, its proper stuff! Just need to finish off the septic tank now so we can use it. Next weekend hopefully.

This week we are going to be working on flyers, posters and the website ready for launch but now I must go and rest my weary self. Back to the day job tomorrow…

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