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Can’t believe it’s May

How did that happen? There has been a flurry of activity down on the plots though and we are starting to see potatoes and broad beans poking their heads through this week ( I hope the frost is kind to them). Chris ran a raised bed making workshop at the weekend and some people got to grips with saws and hammers and made their own raised beds, now even more plots are looking very smart. I wish I could say the same for mine. Chris meanly made them do it all with hand tools when I know he would have used power tools normally. Apparently its character building!

On Sunday the Godalming Quakers came for pizza after they had been for one of their walks. It is great to show new groups of people what we have been up to and I hope they had a nice time. I’ve been practising my baking and tried out some flapjacks and orange drizzle on them. It all seemed to go down well so maybe i’m actually learning to bake? I’m really liking the idea of allotmore as a destination for a good walk where you can have a cup of tea and some cake as a reward for your hard work. If anyone else is interested they please do get in touch.

Today we took our two big pigs off to the abbatoir, they really should have gone a long time ago but things just haven’t panned out so they finally left but they were much bigger and stronger than our usual pigs and they had been very well trained to not cross the electric fence so it took a very long time to get them to cross the line and get into the trailer. One of them even managed to throw Chris over the fence in it’s bid to get out of the pen which was quite amusing for everyone else. His pride was hurt but nothing else. I always hate the day we take the pigs and if they resist getting in the trailer it makes it worse as I hate the idea of them getting stressed out.  The vet at the abattoir is always very nice though although he does always tell me the pigs are just fulfilling their destiny. He does make sure they come out of the trailer calmly and gently which does make me feel better about the experience. All the guys at the abattoir are very friendly and helpful and seem to treat the animals well so I am happy it is all as good as it could be. Sad as today is it does mean that tomorrow we will have a lot of lovely free range pork and by Thursday lots of lovely sausages which we will know exactly what is in which makes it all worthwhile.




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New pigs, chirpy chicks and dig, dig, digging

Ok, well I was wrong about it being spring. I’ve given up thinking about it now as it seems impossible! All the time we’ve been waiting for things to get started time has been slipping by and it has got to April already. We had been planning to send Lizzie off to meet a boar and hopefully come back pregnant so we would have some nice new piglets. This is still the plan but we wanted some piglets now so Lizzie has headed off to Ellis Farm in Chobham for a romantic interlude and we are the proud owners of 9 new weaners. They are already 3 months old so a little bit bigger than I would have liked but still very cute and it means we will have lots of sausages for the glorious summer we are having this year ( ok I haven’t really given up on the weather yet). The pigs are saddleback/welsh crosses and a mix match of saddleback colours, pink ones and spotty. I do like a non- pure breed, you get such interesting markings.

I meanly put the chicks outside as they are far too big to be under heat now, the majority of them are doing fine but a few looked peaky in the snow they have gone back under the lamp . I think they are being a bit cheeky as they have now perked right up and are doing fine so as soon as the rain passed they are back outside!

This Sunday is the first allotmore Sunday lunch. Steve and Helene are organising a bring a dish tapas meal which is sounding delicious and is hopefully the first of many tasty lunches all together!




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