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Fungi Fun

Today an intrepid band of allotmorers went on our annual mushroom fun. Jo, our expert mycologist was quite concerned that we wouldn’t find anything as the conditions for mushrooms have not been ideal. We had a look around in our very local area and couldn’t find anything so bright and early this morning we rendesvoused at Hydon’s Ball and had a good hunt about in the woods and heath. We decided it was a good place to go as even if we couldn’t find anything the walk is really pretty.  We didn’t find masses but we did find a lot of earth balls and sulphur tips ( which despite their delicious names aren’t edible!) we found four types of edible mushroom including the very pretty amythest deciever so it was all worth it. All the foragers brought some picnic items so we cooked up our spoils and feasted in the car park. It was really lovely and all food tastes better when you cook it outside. Chris and Mark made an impressive mushroom omlet, Vicky made some lovely italian snacks and Steve and Helene made some beetroot hummus that was delicious and an inspiring use of the ever lasting beetroot.

Speaking of beetroot, I have been making some beetroot and orange chutney which is fab!

Yesterday Val and Isobel brought there walking group for tea and cake after their walk, it was a beautiful day and my apple cake went down very well so I am now inspired to offer the service to others if they fancy it.

One of the turkeys managed to get its foot caught in the top of the electric fence this week, my heart sank when I saw it as I had been out for a lot of the day and didn’t know how long it had been there, it was very still as I approached but it is was still alive so I quickly switched the fence off and untangled it. It was turkey bed time so I umm’d and ahhed about whether to seperate it or leave it with its pals. It seemed a bit shell shocked but ran into the shed with the others so I decided to leave and see what happened. It was a tad reluctant to come out in the morning and has a slight limp but is otherwise totally fine. I’m amazed!

Last week, ex allotmenter  and local wine expert Mark ran a wine tasting night for a group of us. He focused on biodynamic and natural wines and it was really interesting to learn about biodynamic techniques although some were a  little sceptical! We tried a wide range of wines and it was quite funny to see which ones people liked and which people found “challenging”. It was a really fun night and has made me want to learn more about wines and find out which ones I like. Hopefully we can get Mark to teach us about other section of the wine world sometime soon.






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Well that was summer I guess

Once again it’s been far too long since I wrote a post and I really have no good excuse. It’s not been the greatest summer at Allotmore, the weather mean’t that everyone had a hard job getting started and quite a lot of things haven’t grown very well at all. The slugs however have been having quite a party! All the tomatoes got blight just before they ripened which was frustrating but the beans and courgettes are now doing really well. Its been a lovely week this week and we’ve finally had a chance to sit in the sun and chat to people which I think is what has been missing this year. We have had some good nights though, morro was great again and we actually saw lots of meteors this year. We have wine tasting and foraging events coming up so i’m really looking forward to them. The turkeys are growing well and enjoying the field ( now they have stopped flying out of their pen and menacing the plots) We’ll be taking orders for turkeys now if anyone is interested as well.

The mornings definatley have a smell of autumn about them now so I guess it’s time to give up on summer and look forward to autumnal loveliness – bring on the apples, blackberries and mushrooms!


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