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Foraging fun

This  weekend we were joined by the lovely mycologist Jo who took a bunch of keen mushroom hunters out into the woods and fields in search of the ingredients for a slap up lunch. We were really lucky that the weather had conspired to be perfect mushroom hunting weather and there was lots to be found. Jo had been on her own mini forage before she arrived and was able to show the soon to be hunters and range of fungi – both the delicious and the deadly types. She had found some chanterelles and a puffball so we already knew that lunch was going to be good.

An intrepid gang of about 20 of us( off all ages) headed out on the search for treasure. The only rules being don’t put anything in Jo’s basket as they were the ones we are going to eat and it might be a good idea to ask before you pick as all those similar looking brown and white ones are not always safe. We tried a couple of different habitats and found an amazing beef steak mushroom that did look exactly like meat, we also found cauliflower fungus and Parasol mushrooms as well as a whole caterlogue of others. After a couple of hours out hunting we returned to a lovely risotto ( mushrooms served on the side for the brave) and lots of cups of tea. It was a really different and fun way to spend a saturday morning and I hope we’ll be able to do it again.

This saturday we are going to be making some cider – everyone is bring up there apples and Mark is lending us his press. The pigs will be very happy to eat any squished up apple that gets left over – they are very much enjoying the bumper apple crops this year.

The turkeys are loving there outside life in their luxury shed. Dave, Simon and Sheena have plumbed the water and tightened the security fences. Its amazing to see how much they grow each week.

I’m now locked in battle with a determined Heron who wants to eat all the fish from our pond. He isn’t scared of me and has far more time to sit and wait than I do at the moment. Hmmm good luck little fishes! The ducks and geese aren’t helping either as they are scared of him and run away when he turns up.

I’m feeling a bit useless at the moment myself as with a week or so to go till Jr arrives I’m not as agile as usual. Everyone is being very lovely and helpful, cleaning out the animals etc as I don’t bend in the middle any more. It’s really frustrating though not to be able to do it all myself but I guess I should just be grateful and enjoy it before the madness really starts. Its going to be really hot this week as well so thats a good excuse to not do too much, I know the pigs and chickens will just be lazing about. Maybe I’ll go lie in the wallow with them…





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