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Prize pigs

The days ticked away and we started to think that maybe Lizzie wasn’t pregnant as it would have meant that one of the boys must have done the deed pretty much as they left but it turns out they did and she was and she is now the proud mum of 9 very cute piglets. Someone once told me not to count your piglets for 10 days as you need to give the piglets time to get big enough to move out of their mums way and avoid squashing. 10 days have passed now and there is still 9 and so far they are looking healthy and happy and are a great mix of spots and stripes and Lizzie seems to be doing really well – hungrier than ever though.

Today we had a stand at Godalming Easter Festival, going to shows is always a bit weird for us ( our stall always looks a bit bonkers alongside the professionals) and we don’t really expect anyone to sign up for a plot on the day, we just want to encourage people to come and have a look round and see if they like what they see. We chatted to lots of lovely people today so hopefully a few people will come and see what we are up to.and like what they see.




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