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Well what can I say – Pigs!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything but that is because we have been so busy I haven’t had time.

We started out brush cutting the area and were making mighty fine progress. Harry the local farmer came over and checked out our work and has offered some of his heavy machinery to help us out. We started talking and it didn’t quite make sense to to try to clear all the land just yet as it will just grow again and we would have to clear it again before the spring and we wanted to start growing. Some how we got to thinking that it would be a good idea to get some pigs and get them doing some of the clearing work at the same time we would learn out raising pigs and get some quality happy meat for christmas. So that decided Iain, Dan, Tony, Chris, Rik, Lou, Dave, Jo and I set to work making a luxury pig run and house.

After making a bit of a fool of myself trying to buy stock fencing (measurements and conversions between imperial and metric not being my strong point) we spent a day erecting the fence. IainĀ  managed to borrow some monkey strainers and post rammers which we couldn’t have done with out – and we all got to learn what a monkey strainer was! After a few issues – straining the wires pulling the posts up and being a bit premature with stapling the wires and having to take them out and do them again we created a pretty good pen – Shaun the pig man did say that the stock fencing was the wrong way up – the small holes go at the bottom but hey, next time we will know!

The next phase (and next weekend) we installed the electric fence – including digging in the wires and connected water for the auto filling trough. Luckily Mark had joined the team by then and he knows a thing or two about plumbing. I constructed a pig house in pieces at home and then we assembled it on site – it even fitted together first time by some small miracle.

We also cleared a large thicket of bushes and cut some branches off the massive eucalyptus tree ready for erecting our shed – which is ordered and will hopefully be arriving soon.

As it turns out pigs are proving to be quite popular at the moment and it was tricky to find some local to us but eventually we did and went down to visit them (and the scary ostriches that Shaun also breeds). They are Gloucester Old spot/Berkshire crosses and very cute.

Last thursday Lizzie and her 4 babies arrived and I have spent the whole weekend pig watching. They have settled in amazingly and seem very busy eating, sleeping and running about. Must remember that they are food not pets though!


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