Allotmore is an assisted allotment service for people who want to grow their own fruit and vegetables but may not have quite enough time for a traditional allotment.

“We understand that we all want to be greener and reduce our carbon footprint but sometimes the pressures of modern life just don’t always give us the time we need to really make this happen.  Halfway between a traditional allotment and an organic box delivery service, Allotmore will give people the satisfaction of knowing exactly where the food on their table has come from.  It will create an educational place where all the family can take part and learn together.  The traditional image of an allotment holder is of an older person who has all the time in the world to tend to their crops.  Allotmore is field gardening for the gym generation. These people have very good intentions but live in a time poor world. Allotmore enables these people to realise their good intentions by making land available to them in a way that makes sense to modern lives.


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