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Is it spring?

I haven’t written a blog post for a while  but that doesn’t mean that there has been nothing happening at allotmore. A lot of it has been preperation for the new growing season and generally battling the elements – the freeze last week caused a burst pipe in the clubhouse which meant that we had a floating floor for a while but it is all fixed now and hopefully the rogue pipe has been located and it won’t happen again. We are a bit behind on the plot prep as the ground has been too hard to dig for a while, luckily its also meant that no one had been thinking about growing either.

We’ve said goodbye to a few of our customers but have already gained so new ones and we will have some new plots available very soon so are looking forward to welcoming some more new faces very soon.

This weekend saw the return of the first intrepid growers, the sun was out and it seemed that spring was on the way. The chickens and ducks have started laying again and I’m wondering if the saddlebacks left us with a little gift before they headed off in December. Lizzie is looking rather rotund but it’s hard to say yet. I really hope she is pregnant and we will have some spring piglets in a month or so but I will just have to wait and see.

We are starting to think about heading out to some shows again and trying to raise our profile a bit, we are also hoping to run some more evenings and courses this year. Rodborough School have asked if they can come back again in the Summer so its really starting to feel like things are coming out of hibernation, just need to get myself going now 🙂




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