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Animal Manouvers

We have been happily basking in the early summer sunshine, planning lots of things but mostly eating ice cream and not getting too much done. The sun has gone away again now so it is time to get some of those plans in action.

We have ordered some turkey poults from the lovely Jason at Surrey Turkeys so we will be selling a few for people to raise themselves and raising the rest for tasty, free range christmas dinners.

This weekend Lizzie is off to meet a new suitor, Spot. She will spend a month or so with him and hopefully we’ll see some piglets in the summer.  We’ve been missing the patter of tiny trotters so we have decided to buy in some weaners for this year. They were born last week ( the poor old girl gave birth to 17!) and i’m off to visit them on saturday morning. I can’t wait – little piglets are soo cute and very funny to watch as well. They will need to stay with their mum until they are weaned so they won’t be with us until early June. Hopefully just in time for our Big Lunch!

With Lizzie off with Spot, the time has come for our other two girls to say goodbye. I’m going to be really sad but hopefully BBQ’s this year will be extra good with our own delicious sausages.

I’ve got 6 Runner Duck eggs in the incubator which I am hoping will be hatching next week. I’ll be looking for names for them – Aidan has already given one the genius name of Shuttlecock – so let me know your suggestions. Fingers crossed they make it to hatch.

Massive the Cockerel has not mended his ways, in fact he is getting to be a bit of a menance. Interestingly Bumble the other cockerel doesn’t attack but he will attack Massive if he goes for you. I hand raised Bumble so i’m wondering if he remembers or if once Massive goes he will just take on the role of Menace. Ginette has found Massive a nice new home on a small holding where he can range free and there are no children for him to draw blood from. I’m really glad he doesn’t have to be coq au vin as he is just being a proper cockerel and he is very handsome as cockerels go ( although he does have an evil glint in his eye).

During the hot weather we actually managed to get the ducks to swim in their pond. It was great to finally see them go in. They are obviously fair weather swimmers though as now the temperature has dropped they are refusing to go in.  The geese are having non of it whatever the weather. They will both try to get in a small bucket of water though the fools!

We are now gearing up for the Godalming Spring Fayre on 30th April – come visit us and the chickens and the Loesley Grow Your Own Show ( 1st/2nd May) and doing lots of planting and watering and enjoying watching all the little plants starting to come up.

Easter Monday we are having an open day with an egg hunt, BBQ and some other games. Will be there from 12.30 – come on up, there will be beautiful cakes made by the very talented Debs.

Massive the Cockerel









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