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I’m feeling inspired!

Last thursday Chris and I made a trip to Sussex to the Netherfield Centre. They were hosting and 1 day course on pig health run by ADAS. The Netherfield Centre is a pretty amazing place. It was set up to raise awareness of farming, food and enviromental issues by providing an advice, training and networking enterprise to assist farmers and growers to keep farming in a sustainable way. We learned so much about pigs and how best to look after them, had a tour of the pigs that they keep on the farm, met some other crazy folk that keep their own pigs and had a delicious lunch made using ingredients grown on raised on the farm.  It is certainly a place that Allotmore can learn a lot from. I want to give up the day job so much now!


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Happy New Year

Wood Farm is currently under a foot or so of snow and has had no power for a couple of days. I’ve dug the electric fence out and defrosted the chickens door that had frozen shut. Chris and Helga have been making regular trips with warm water to give the animals a drink as all pipes are frozen.

Everything looks beautiful, a real winter wonderland but it has thwarted my grand scheme to get loads done this week. I had the week off work and we were going to finish the new fence, move the pigs into their new home and do some work on the shed but the weather has put paid to that. Our car has broken a spring and has been off the road as well so it’s been a little frustrating. Hopefully things will all get back on track soon.

Lizzie is still looking round in the belly so I am hoping that it means she is pregnant. She is quite grumpy with the little ones so maybe it’s her hormones. (They could just be annoying her of course).

The lack of power at the farm means that the heat lamp is off which has been causing me some concern. The pigs all seem to just huddle up though and they have got lots of extra straw to keep them warm (if they would just stop throwing it about).

The chickens seem to have decided that they don’t want to walk on the snow and just peer out at it in disgust. They are laying loads of eggs at the moment – 7 a day which is record numbers for us so something must be going right!

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