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What a gorgeous week, it hasn’t felt like february at all! We’ve been in t-shirts eating lunch outside, brilliant. Is it just me or does everything seems so much more possible on a blue sky day?

The plot holders have started to get back to work and it’s been great to see everyone again. I’ve been planning which shows we should attend this year, ordering turkey chicks and thinking about getting some hatching eggs. Pete and I have seperated Lizzie and we are hoping that she might have some piglets in the next couple of weeks. I’m pretty much 100% sure she is pregnant but obviously don’t know exact dates ( shameful animal husbandry) so I’m keeping a close eye on her and am hoping that as she is an old hand at this she has it all under control. I’ve been trying to clean out the ark for her but its a little bit scary going in there with her hanging around just incase she decides to join me and then I might never get out! Hopefully she isĀ give birth before the weather turns cold again – fingers crossed for it all…

For some reason we quite often get little twisters/ dust devils blowing across Allotmore, they are usually tiny and not really of note but this weekend there was a relatively big one – it was really amazing to watch it travel across the site and pick up some stuff ( Holly’s scarf, some plant pots, the wood chips etc) I think it has made Chris want to go to America and see a proper one even more now though uh oh!

We did lots of spring cleaning and tidying of the plots this weekend and everything is looking lovely. I really need to get the new plots ready now as we have some people keen to get started ( so Dan when you get back from your holidays I need your help!)




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