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Poor show

Last saturday was the Godalming Christmas Market, Chris and I were due to have a stall and we had made sure we had all our leaflets printed, some tasty chutneys made and some seeds to sell. We had even agreed to give over a bit of our stall to a friend who makes beautiful knitted hats and baby wear but as the day dawned the heavens opened and after much studying of the weather forecast we decided that we really couldn’t face a day standing out in the rain with D and thought that no one else would be out either. We rang the organiser and cancelled which felt a bit rubbish but it kept on raining so we thought we had made the right decision. In the afternoon we thought we would pop into town to cement the fact that we had done the right thing, Alas we found the town packed and pretty much all the other stall holders out in the rain. We felt very ashamed. The people of Godalming are obviously more hardcore than we gave them credit for. We have learned our lesson and next year will be there rain or shine!


Allotmore is suffering a bit from the rain atthe moment, everything is a little bit swampy and the poor pigs are practically swimming, they seem to be alright with it but I’m feeling bad for them so this weekend we will move their arc to higher ground to try to give them a bit of a break. If anyone wants a laugh come and watch, wading around in a pig pen with 3 helpful pigs is bound to end up with someone face down in the muck. I really hope it’s not me!

The turkeys are getting nice and big. I’m hoping the weather will be kind so they can enjoy their last few weeks rather than spend them huddled up against the wind a rain.

This morning was the first day i’ve had to break the ice on the troughs and everything had a lovely frosty finish this morning. It was pretty parky but it did look very beautiful and our new neighbours ( some highland cattle) really add to the scene.



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