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Jubilee Big Lunch

We decided to move the date of this year Big Lunch from the official day to 30th June, we are going to combine it with a bit of a fete and hopefully it will be good fun. We figured that lots of people would already have Jubilee plans so adding another one didn’t make sense when we can do it another day and given te Jubilee weather i’m pretty glad we did decide to move it.

It’s been a really funny growing season this year and it feels a little bit like the year is slipping away and we haven’t really got started yet. The weather is putting people off coming up as there hasn’t really been any nice weekends or evenings for ages. It’s all a bit grim really but the stuff that is in the ground does seem to be doing ok.

Last week I went to pick up this years supply of Turkey chicks from their hatching place. I’m always excited about the arrival of new animals but I do find the turkey chicks a bit stressful as they are so much more sensitive than other chicks. I will be happier once they are out from under their heat lamp and pecking around in the field. Once again i’m amazed at how such cute little chicks can grow up to be such interesting looking adult birds!

On 24th June we are having a bit of a willow hurdle workshop with our friendly neighbour Adrian showing us how to make our own hurdles. It’s a day course from 10 – 4pm and lunch will be included. It is £10 a head so if anyone fancies an alternative day out please let me know.



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