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August already

How did that happen? Chris and I snuck off to the seaside for a week and came back to find everything in full bloom in fact the courgettes are out of control and the competition pumpkins are starting to get really big.

We have taken some more pigs off to the abbatoir and spent a few days at the butchers and making hundreds of sausages so we are fully set for bbq’s now. We have also made a new pig pen so when Lizzie returns from her hols she will have a lovely bramble patch to eat and the current pen can be rested so the ground can recover. We still have two of our boy pigs left as they were getting beaten up by the bigger ones and had such a miserable time I felt they needed to have a nice time for a while ( i’m still far too sentimental to be a proper farmer). The kids from Rodborough who came up to do their Run the Farm for a Week end of term days have named them Percy and Wobbly Bob and they are very sweet and friendly. I’m dangerously close to being too attached to them!

The turkeys are now in their big shed and as soon as we can sort the fence out they will be coming outside. I think they are just about big enough that the buzzards won’t be too interested.

Allotmore has been basking in the sunshine and it seems that the plants have all been enjoying it, we’ve got a bumper crop of spuds and other root veg seem to be doing really well. Long may the summer last!

Our august evenings are coming up, the first being the meteor show next sunday, followed by Moro Night and then a BBQ. I’ll update the website with details if anyone fancies coming along to any of them.




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