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A new found respect for teachers

We have been visited by two schools in the last two weeks. First of all we had a group of students from Chandler Junior School who came and joined us ( in the pouring rain) for their fun friday. They got to meet the animals and make pizzas. The chickens proved to be a massive hit and they were soon all renamed and there was even a christening ceremony performed in the chicken run. The kids didn’t seem to notice the rain and it seemed like they had a good time.

Secondly we had three visits from groups of students from Rodborough, these guys are older so they had work to do – they mucked out the animals, fed and watered them, did some land clearance, picked strawberries and raspberries, rode around in the tractor picking up wood chippings for the paths, they made dough and cheese and were generally very pleasant, polite and helpful. I was exhausted by the end of the week though so I really don’t know how teachers do it everyday. I hope the students learned a bit and I didn’t bore them about free range animals too much 😉

We were very lucky with our big lunch, the rain stopped for a day and we had a glorious day in the sunshine.  We had a fab turn out and the boule comp went well – although did drag on for a bit so a few people had to go home which mean’t that some how I ended up winning which probably wasn’t entirely based on skill. It was lovely for the allotmorers to actually get to meet one another as this years summer has so far not been conducive to sitting and chatting. May it perk up soon though.

We had our first honey from the hive a couple of weeks ago and it is absolutely delicious. I’m very glad that our lovely Bee keeping Debbie isn’t a fan of honey – hopefully it will mean more for me in the future!


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