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What a weekend

I’m exhausted!

Saturday morning started bright and early for me and John as we headed up to Wood Farm to gather all our props for the May Fayre stall. Terry met us there and after rushing about for a bit we headed down to the Bury Fields and got ourselves sorted out. Terry’s son Phil was casually passing to pick up his car but he got caught up in the madness and ended up spending the day with us on the stall and doing a fine job too! It was a typical english fayre swinging from beautiful sunshine to pouring rain in minutes but that didn’t seem to stop people from coming out. We had decided to raffle an allotmore plot to raise money for the British Hen Welfare Trust and took a couple of the girls down with us. I think those two hens got more attention than any one or anything else at the fayre (except perhaps the donkeys) and we have raised enough money to rehome some more chickens in the near future.

Sunday was a bit of a grim day,  raining pretty much all day long but my family are made of tough stuff so me and my Mum and Dad were out putting up the fruit cage regardless.  It is massive and we are so lucky that Kathy gave it to us. Harry’s strawberries and raspberries are now safely housed and my thoughts are turning to the summer and relaxing with bowls of strawberries and cream 🙂 Bring it on

Monday brought the sunshine and turned allotmore into a hive of activity. Nick came over to pick his plot and start thinking about what to plant. He also took loads of photo’s which you can see here he is looking for helpers so if you are interested give him a shout. Pete and Carrie have escaped the evil volcano and got to work on their plot. Mark and Brigitta have joined me in my war against the brassica eating pigeon and have built some excellent looking cages to protect them. The competition winners, The Robinsons, also came up to pick their plot and to get planning.  Theresa from Waverly Council came up to take some photo’s of their plot and we signed up some new members the Stonehouses whose little boy is going to help me look after the pigs which is great. It really feels like it is starting to happen now which is fab!

John and Terry have found a source of horse manure and went off on an adventure to bring back for us all and Christine, Nancy and Lynn baked some delicious cakes which everyone appreciated after a bit of digging.  Ella, Zoe, Kira, Bella and Immy have got the chickens all under control and spent hours bossing them about and arranging their house.

Time for a lie down 😉


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