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It’s raining, it’s pouring ( and it just keeps on!)

Allotmore is pretty much a swamp at the moment. It’s been so quiet around here as no one wants to plant anything yet in case it gets washed away although Cecilia did brave the hail stones to get started which was very impressive!

The greenhouse is full of little plants just waiting to go. It really has to stop soon!

It seems I spoke too soon about the piglets, I noticed that a couple of them had the runs so I called out the vet as its worrying in piglets. He decided that they needed antibiotics which would have to be injected. The trouble with piglets is that if you pick them up they squeally like you are really hurting them. this lets their mum know they are in trouble and she comes running to help out. Lizzie was very upset by the squealling and decided that she wasn’t going to allow it. She charged at the vet and got very defensive so much so that we couldn’t treat the piglets and couldn’t get to them at all. She had them in the arc and she was on guard. It was really very stressful as you know you could help but you just could ‘t do anything. There was no way that you could get in to inject the piglets. After a short while Lizzie decided that I was permitted into her pen to give her food ( I still wasn’t risking picking up one of her babies) so I started putting some antibiotics into the water and crossed my fingers. Sadly the piglet that was initally sick didn’t make it – I’m still waiting for the results of an autopsy ( we think he was weak and then got squashed) but the others are doing really well. In fact they are doing so well that Lizzie is looking really quite thin now as she is giving her all to them.

Our other 4 big pigs are now in the freezer, we had to pull the trailer out of the field with the tractor the mud is so hideous! It is always sad to say goodbye but at least taking them myself I know they are treated with respect and helping with the butcher means that the meat is presented in a way that I am happy with as well – although this time I did all the tying of joints so they might not be as neat as when the professionals do it! Chris and I then spent a day making a whole load of sausages so we now have lots of delicious meat for sale. Tonight we are finishing the bacon!





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