Weed need help and lovely little lambs

The weather seems to be conspiring against me and is firmly on the side of the weeds! It has been warm while I have been away and then rained loads while I am here so the weeds are have having a field day. I’m not quite dedicated enough to do the weeding while it’s tipping down but I might have to soon or they might actually take over everything. if only the things you wanted to grow and tended to loving grew as quickly as the weeds!

Ive embarked in a little adventure this week. A while a go I went down to. Bower Hill Farm to watch (help/hinder) the lambing. I’d been watching Kate Humble, I was fully qualified šŸ˜‰ as it turned out no lambs were born while I was here and Guy hadn’t had any sock lambs this year at the time. I had been thinking about trying to raise a couple of sheep but it seemed that it wasn’t the right time and so had put that idea on hold- until last week. I got a message from Guy saying he had a couple for me so I’ve just been down and picked them up. He managed to. Persuade me to take all 3 and they are very sweet. (At the moment) . He took me to buy all the kit and so I’m bottle feeding them and seeing how we go. They seem to be starving every feed and are skipping about all over the place so I hope that is a good sign. bit out of my depth with these little guys but enjoying it. They are making good use of thje turkey facilitiesĀ 


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