A cuckoo – you must be kidding

I was having a conversation with Nancy, Chris’s, Nana, a couple of weeks ago about how you always heard a Cuckoo in May when she was younger ( she is in her 90’s) and how I didn’t think I’d ever actually heard one for real. Low and behold the last few days I have been hearing a Cuckoo calling every afternoon and Chris even thinks he saw it sitting on the roof today. I know Cuckoo’s don’t have a very good reputation but it is a nice sound to hear and they are endangered so it’s nice to know there is one out there. ( I hope there are two for their sake)

Today I was on goat midwife duty as H had to go out. As always with these things and the perverse nature of goats. As soon as H drove off Emily the goat went into labour.  Luckily she has done it before and took it all in her stride. The whole thing was very quick. She was agitated and shifting about so I thought something might be happening. I decided to leave her in peace for a bit and went back half an hour later to find her waters had broken and some hooves and a nose sticking out. The first kid was born easily and Emily did all the right things so I didn’t have to do anything. I just had time to call H and tell her the news when a second set of hooves appeared – no nose though. Hmmm I thought. Emily seemed quite calm so I decided to just watch and see, Quickly there was two legs and no nose – this one was coming out backwards. Very quickly the bottom came out and I thought I’m going to have to help but just as I was going to wash my hands the second kid plopped out. This one took a little bit longer to get moving but Emily cleaned it all up and seemed to have it all under control.  She is the proud mum of two very cute babies. They have had their first milk and were snuggled up together under the heat lamp while Emily was stuffing her face and drinking warm water – the goat equivalent of NHS tea and toast I guess. This bit of animal care is so lovely when it all goes smoothly. Long may it continue!



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