Autumn apples and mega mushrooms

We have been enjoying the slip from summer to autumn at allotmore recently. Our lovely mycologist Jo came and took us out on a mushroom hunt a couple of weeks ago. Its a great year for mushrooms this year and we found a whole range of interesting things. We spent a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine wandering, identifying fungi and then collecting the edible ones. We then headed but up to the clubhouse, got the camping stove out and cooked up a lovely risotto and the brave tasted some of the varieties of mushrooms we gathered.

This weekend was our annual apple day and we were very lucky to have been lent a macerator and press by Transition Guildford which made the process a whole lot slicker than it has been in the past.  People brought their apples from home and we gathered lots of windfalls from the hospital orchard and a whole lot of juice has been made which in time will make a whole lot of cider for our spring time barn dance. It was a really lovely day with our youngest apple picker being two years old and the oldest (and best chopper) being 93. Lizzie the pig and the turkeys are very pleased with the pressing waste as well. Lizzie is a real apple lover and I reckon this is her favourite time of year.

Chris has been working on another project recently and had a really good weekend at the Surrey Wood Fair last week. If you are interested you can read all about it on his new blog. 




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