Spring is in the air

At last! It’s still pretty cold but the snow drops are out and the daffodils are starting to show their faces. There has been lots of digging going on and it really feels that allotmore is gearing up for the new season. Even the geese have started laying again.

I bought 24 eggs on ebay to have a go at hatching as our flock are not really laying anymore and people are missing the fresh eggs. I never expect too much from the incubator but 17 of them hatched and are now in the brooder doing nicely. They are a mixed lot of eggs so I don’t know yet what they are going to be but it will be fun trying to work it out and hopefully they will be outside pecking around in time for easter.

The new allotmore social committee is having it’s first meeting tonight so planning for some fun events is getting under way. There have been whispers of a barn dance and Chris is threatening to break out the home made cider we made last year for the occasion so it could get messy.

We had a visit from Rob and Gerry from Transition Farnham and Guildford last week. It was great to see them and hear about all the things that Transition is up to. Gerry had some suggestions for some open air workshops that we could try to run later in the year so I’m feeling quite inspired at the moment.

I spent last Friday back at Plumpton College doing a Trug making course. It was quite full on (i’m not that good at wood work) we got our own saw horse and draw knife and did all the shaving, steaming and bending to make our trugs. It was really lovely to have a whole day to dedicate to making something and i’m really pleased with the results. It looks like a proper functional trug and everything. It is however far too pretty to actually use at the moment 🙂

Dex and I spent a morning at Babes in the Wood at Alice Holt last week, it was a really lovely way to spend some time and there was some lovely ideas for educating the children about wildlife and the great outdoors. It’s got me thinking that we could do something similar at allotmore. I shall be trying out some ideas on Dexter I think.





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