Even more pigs

The pig idea has proved quite popular and we deiceid that we could do with a few more piglets to cover the demand. Last saturday Chris and I went to pick up 4 new saddleback piglets to add to the crew. After an amusing time trying to grab them and get them in their box and then driving the wrong way home we got them to Allotmore. I’d been reading up about how to introduce new piglets into a herd and we had prepared them a seperate area, all nicely electric fenced off, a nice house and a trough. The plan was that they would stay their for a few days and get used to it (and we could make sure they didn’t have any illnesses) and then we could introduce them to the rest of the piglets and put Lizzie into the smaller pen to let her milk dry up/ It didn’t go quite according to plan.

We got the crate of piglets into the pen – they were obviously terrified by the journey and just stood with their knees knocking for a while. Then a couple of them ran straight at the fence – straight through the fence and up to the other pigs. All hell broke loose. Lizzie decided she didn’t like these new babies and started chasing them. One managed to squeeze out through the fence and run off into Chris and Helgas veg patch. The other two then ran through the fence as well. We managed to round up the run away but Lizzie wasn’t very happy. She didn’t attack them but she did give them a few headbuts andd wouldn’t let them sit down. We decided the best thing to do was leave all the babies together and put Lizzie in the other pen – at least she understande the electric fence. So we did that and went for a well earned lunch ourselves.

When we came back everyone was were there were supposed to be until we walked towards Lizzie who got so excited at the thought of food she ran through the fence -or over it – not sure really she was so quick!

We managed to get her back in and she has settled down now and has been making short work of digging up her pen – the temporary house we made for the piglets has been knocked down by her and her need to scratch her bum against something!

A new wooden hut is in place now but we now need to make her pen a pit bigger. A farmers life is never done… I love it!


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